All this began in Switzerland in 1856, on the tiny hill of Ingenbohl were our mother house is. Now 156 years ago, when Fr. Theodosius Florentini our founder, and blessed Mother Maria Theresa Scherer the co- foundress and the first Superior General, committed themselves to working together and alleviate the many kinds of human need under our Motto:
The need of the Time is the Will of God.

Since then the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross are responding to the needs of the time in many parts of the world ; Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, India, Brazil, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Uganda and Kenya.

At present we are 3726 living sisters all over the world and 54 sisters in Uganda and Kenya, spread out in Kiziba, Kikyusa, Busunju, Namugongo, Osia and Bulimbo – Kenya.
16'200 Sisters have already gone before us interceding for us.

We are very proud of our blessed sisters, they are:

Blessed Sr. Maria Theresa Scherer
Blessed Sr. Ulrika Nisch
Blessed Sr. Zdenka