Fr. Magembe the parish priest of Kiziba visited Hegne. (Hegne is a small town in Germany.) During his visit he got the idea to bring Ulrika sisters to Uganda. Then and there itself he contacted the Hegne Provincial. Thereafter he visited Mother House asking for sisters. Since Uganda is an Anglophone area, the General team asked the Indian Provinces to discern the matter.
Sister Ulrika called and the sisters responded.
At first all the three Provinces in India asked for volunteers. After collecting the names of the sisters they discussed in the common meeting of all the three provincial teams held at Hazaribag in October 1991.



They selected three sisters to go to Uganda for three months to fulfill the above mission. Thus on the 3rd April 1992 the three Sisters:
Sr. Amala Kunnath, Sr. Crescenia Kullu and Sr. Lekha Joseph were sent to Uganda with a definite Mission.



On 4th April 1992 the sisters landed at Entebbe Airport. At the airport there was no one to fetch them. After 2 hours of waiting the sisters decided to proceed with a taxi. After 3 hours they reached the parish and saw the picture of Sr. Ulrika in front of the presbytery door.
After 3 months staying there, the Sisters went back to the Mother House to give a favorable report about the situation and the girls who want to join the community.

The centenary celebrations in India were marked with the sending of four Indian sisters to start the congregation on the soil of the Pearl of Africa - Uganda.
It was announced by Emmanuel Wamala, the then archbishop of Kampala, during a celebration in Kiziba parish that the sisters from India are a Jubilee gift to Uganda.