The girls have to go through this different stages of formation.

At first the vocation promotion is done by the Sisters who meet the girls in their parishes and schools. The girls who desire to join our congregation send their application and they are invited to join the Aspirancy course of 6 months. Then they became candidates.

Candidacy program is for 6 months where the candidates are given more knowledge about our Congregation and our Mission. They have classes on Bible, good manners and community life. The candidates life together as a separate community where they are directed and guided by the candidate mistress.

For one year the candidates are sent to different communities for community experience - to live with the sisters and to discern their vocation.

Those who wish to continue their formation are invited to join the Postulancy which is for 1 year.
The Postulants are given classes on Bible, Gospel according to Saint John, Founders of our Congregation, Community Life.


After having gone through the period of one year in the postulance, they are brought to Namugongo for Novitiate training for three years.They are trained intellectually and spiritually through the classes to face the challenges of the mission. Formators are also trained in scripture, Theology so that they can effectively guide the novices. The novices join the inter-novitiate programs arranged by the Association of Religious in Uganda. This enables them to mix with other members of other congregations and be enriched by them.They are also provided with community experience and exposure programs to the rural areas. These programs promote awareness and sensitivity among the young women under formation and help them to work for the cause of the poor and underprivileged.


First Profession
The Novices who have grown in their vocation and desire to become a Religious are invited to make their first profession which is for 2 years.


It is a period where the Junior Sisters live in the communities and get fully involved in the Mission of our Community. During this period they are also send for training according to the need of the Congregations Mission. The Juniorate Mistress invites them whenever possible to give them classes on different topics and accompany them in their religious Life.
Profession of temporary vows first for 2 years and then renewed for 3 years brings the sisters closer to her goal. The “ Junior Sister” is a member of the Juniorate and under the guidance of Sr. Marianne – the Junior Directress. The sister is assigned to be in the communities in the first year of her profession to be member of the community and participate fully in life and ministry. She is then sent to continue her studies and go for training as per the need of the Vicariate. After the fifth year of her being as a junior sister, she undergoes immediate preparation for the profession of perpetual vows for life.

Final Profession
When the Junior Sisters are convinced of their call to follow Christ and having discerned their vocation, they apply to Mother General and Team for Permission to make their Final Profession.