educational apostolate

"I need sisters who understand the Cross: whit such I can achieve anything."
Fr. Theodosius Florentini
In response to our Motto: “The need of the time is the will of God” our sisters have mainly started the pre-primary, primary and secondary educational fields to impart knowledge and literate our people. Education has continued to evolve diversify and extend it’s reach and coverage since the dawn of human history.
Becoming more alert to the needs of the hour, the signs of God’s invitation here and now we become more open and informed and confidently prepared for decisive and effective action. By honestly and particularly testing our present and our past, we enable our students to move forward freely and confidently in to God’s future doing his will in Uganda.
Our Sisters are serving in the following educational centers:
⦁ four Pre-Primary Schools at Kiziba, Kikyusa, Bulimbo and Osia
⦁ three Primary Schools at Kiziba, Kikyusa and Osia
⦁ one Secondary School at Kikyusa
⦁ one Vocational Training Center at Kiziba