New Vicariate Team & Vicariate Superior (9 May 2017)

The new Vicariate Team members are Sr. Rose, Sr. Claris, Sr. Mary and the new Vicariate Superior is Sr. Genevieve.

Sr. Sheeja went back to Switzerland (22nd April 2017)
Thank you Sr. Sheeja for coming to Uganda and spending some time with us. We are very happy for your generous heart and sharing our life. Thank you very much.

The Sisters with Sr. Sheeja in Namugongo
The Sisters with Sr. Sheeja in Namugongo
Novices with Sr. Sheeja in Namugongo
Novices with Sr. Sheeja in Namugongo

 Blessing of Holy Cross Primary School (25th March 2017)

A great and joyfilled day for our Vicariate. Our newly constructed Holy Cross Primary School was blessed by Rt. Rev. Monsignor Charles Kasibante. To mark the occasion ribbon was cut at the entrance gate and all the classrooms were blessed. Then we entered the hall for the Holy Mass. With melodious singing by the students of Holy Cross Primary Section, staff and students of Vocational training gave joy to all.

Sr. Sheeja together with Sr. Lisa, Sr. Margaret and Sr. Prossy arrived at Kiziba on 24th March. She was welcomed by the sisters, formees and students of Vocational and Holy Cross School. Sr. Sheeja we are very glad to receive you in our midst.The community Sisters and formees were busy in preparing for the blessing of the newly built Holy Cross Primary School.

Arrival of our General Councillor Sr. Sheeja (24th March 2017)

Sr. Sheeja, our General Councillor arrived at Entebbe at 2.00 p.m. Sr. Lisa Mudoor our Vicariate Superior and Sr. Margaret received them with great joy. She came to the Vicariate house at Namugongo where she was welcomed in the local cultural dance by the sisters and novices. Hearty welcome to you dear Sr. Sheeja.

Entry to the Postulancy (5th march 2017)
12 Candidates had their Community Experience of one year and now they were ready to continue their formation. Sr. Annett Nassaka led the prayer service. Sr. Lisa the Vicariate Superior, Sr. Mary Margret the Assistant and other Community joined this event in Holy Cross Community Busunju.

Novitiate entry (1st march 2017)
On 1st march 2017 12 of our Postulants entered the Novitiate tocontinue their formation to become the members of Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross. The prayer service was led by Sr. Mary Grace. Sr. Lisa the Vicariate Superior, Sr. Mary Margret the Novice Mistress and the other Sisters and formees were present on this occasion in the Vicariate House Namugongo. We wish them God's blessings and assurance of our prayerful support to continue their journey with the Lord.

Final Profession (15th February 2017)

This year two of our second year Novices discerned their vocation to be Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross. They were granted Permission by Mother General Sr. Marija Brizar and the General Team.
The Profession was at Namugongo on 2nd February 2017. The whole celebration was meaningful and simple. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Peter Alenyo and other priests.

Sr. Kevina & Sr. Evelyn
Sr. Kevina & Sr. Evelyn
Sisters together wih Rt. Rev. Bishop Paul Semogerere
Sisters together wih Rt. Rev. Bishop Paul Semogerere

Sr. Teddy & Sr. Josephine
Sr. Teddy & Sr. Josephine

First Profession (2nd february 2017)

Having gone through the studies on different topics of religious life and prayer experiences, the 2 Novices came forward to make their first profession in the presence of the sisters and their familiy members in our Vicariate House in Namugongo. 

Christmas Gathering (27th December 2016)
Every year after Christmas all the Sisters gather in one of our Community as decided earlier. There we share with each other the joys and challenges encountered during the year. It is a joy of meeting together and celebrate the important happenings in the life of our Sisters. We join to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and then share the delicious meal prepared by the Sisters. We spend some time in having recreation and enjoying the togetherness.

Great Jubilee of our two blessed Sisters (October 2012 – October 2013)
The Theme of this Jubilee was: “Remembering strength for the journey”.
In the year 2013 we celebrated the great Jubilee of our two blessed Sisters.
Bl. Mother Maria Theresa Scherer 1888-2013  (125years)
Bl. Sr. Ulrika Nisch                             1913-2013 (100 years)
The theme of this jubilee year was remembering strength for the journey.

3rd Vicariate Chapter (3rd-11th November 2013)
The third Vicariate Chapter took place in Namugongo. The theme was “Living in dialogue”
The vitality of the mission is also determined by our style of community life.

Arrival of the shoes of our Founder Fr. Theodosius Florentini (August 2015)
The shoes remind us the tireless journey made by our Founder Fr. Theodosius Florentini day and night for each one uf us.




General Visitation (4th February 2013)
This year we were privileged to have the visitation from
Sr. Marija Brizar (Mother General) and Sr. Tessy Churanadu (General Councilor).

2nd Vicariate Chapter (21st-26th 2007)
The second Vicariate Chapter was held at Vicariate House in Namugongo from 21st to 26th August 2007. The main theme was “Religious Life”.

1st Vicariate Chapter (24th-28th August 2001)
A historical day in our Ugandan Mission. Sr. Louise Henri was the facilitator of the Chapter. It was held at Vicariate house, Namugongo. 13 sisters took part in it and the junior Professed were invitees. The chapter began on 24th morning with a day of recollection guided by Fr. Peter Mubiru.

The theme was: “Religious life in African Perspective”

Sr. Louise Henri, the general Superior and Sr. Selma, General Councillor were present for the Meeting. The members went through the directives proposals, were given for changing the vicariate directives and chapter decisiio. On the last day of the chapter, with a burning light all the members prayed. “Let me pledge to keep the fire of God’s spirit burning brightly with me, around me.”


Status of Vicariate (9th October 1999)
A remarkable event in the history of Ugandan Mission. In the year1999 it was raised to the status of Vicariate.


Joyful Visitation (1994)
In 1994 the Visitation of Mother General and the General Councilor brought joy in our community.