"When a person has recognized and chosen a vocation, only one thing remains: to be faithful till the end."
Fr. Theodosius Florentini

Religious Life is a radical following of Christ which requires a good basic, sound and solid formation of the person. A person is not born as religious, but formed, transformed and re-fashioned into a religious. Formation is an encounter with God. A realistic encounter with God and self makes a person more free to reach out to others in genuine love. Thus formation is the process of becoming more and more a disciple of Christ, growing in union with Christ and gradually being transformed into his image and likeness.
The most influential agent in the process of formation is the formator who takes the role of a bridge between the Congregation and the candidate and a mediator between God and the candidates as an instrument in the plan of God. Their task is to help the formee to grow into adult human persons, mature and integrated on all levels of their being.
Religious life is a journey towards wholesome integration.

Our formation in different stages is held in different communities.
⦁ Aspirancy and Candidacy Program at Holy Cross Convent in Kiziba
⦁ Postulancy at Holy Cross Convent in Busunju
⦁ Novitiate at Vicariate House in Namugongo